Traffic Brick Networks builds and operates direct-marketing, e-commerce business models in the wedding and event industry.
Meet our team

Andrew Walker


James Lester


Stephanie Menard

Executive Manager

laura Hachenberg

Products Manager

Jose Espinoza

Sales & Training

Elizabeth Johnston

IWED Creative Director

Marcelo Lopes

IT Manager / Programmer

Danielle Tabino

Office Manager

Benjamin Lowrey

IWED Marketing

Tina Boucher

IWED Lead Instructor

Claire Lowrey

IWED Sales Director

Nicole Blackwelder

IWED Sales Manager

Antoine Brantley

IWED Logistic Manager

Raquel Brantley

IWED Tour Manager

Lesia Gant

Graphic Designer / Photographer

Christine Tu

Graphic Designer / Videographer

Jesus Lopez

Graphic / Web Designer

Carisma James

IWED Enrollment Advisor

Cathy Lane

IWED Instrutor

Jackie Phillips

IWED Instructor

Vanessa Lins

EDD Sales Rep.

Cynthia Bijulisingh

IWED Online Instructor

Carmen Escalante

IWED Spanish Instructor

Douglas Dames

EDD Sales Rep.